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H.M. Esmail & Company was established in 1954 as wire drawing Unit in vicinity of Moosa Lane in the Old Area of Karachi. Since its inception, the Company's Operation Motto was producing Quality Wires which were used in making jewellery, Bridal Clothes and by companies producing Domestic Wiring Cables. In the early 8o's, the Company decided to move forward in the direction of Cable manufacturing and started producing Domestic Wiring and Flexible Cables at its new facility located at Syed Mehmood Shah Street in Old Haji Camp. The Company introduced its range of Cables under the Brand and Style "H.M. CABLES" In the late 8o's and early 90 's, the Company moved its manufacturing unit to bigger location in S.I.T.E. Karachi where it ventured into manufacturing of Power Cables and Over Head Conductors. The Company got the prequalification from WAPDA, T&T, and KESC started supplying quality products to all these esteem Government and Semi-Government Organizations. The company also entered the Commercial and Industrial Market and made its name well known in that market. Many big Commercial Projects such as Cement Plants, Textile Mills, Sugar Mills and other Major Industrial units became the Customer of H.M. Esmail & Company and reason for that was the Quality and Customer Service provided by the Company.

In the early 2000, the Manufacturing Unit was shifted to the new 10 Acres Facility in S.I.T.E. Kotri where the Company added Aluminum Rod Manufacturing Plant and the Medium Voltage Cable Manufacturing Plant (European Plant). The Company also installed the State of the Art Hipotronics Testing Unit to its Quality Control in order to produce premium Quality Cables. The Company also changed its Legal Status according to the requirement of Law and became "H.M. Esmail & Company (Pvt) Limited".

H.M. Cables, our brand name is in the market for more than 5o years now and have enjoyed impeccable records for quality and service. We have won the FPCCI trophy for Merit Export for the year 2005-2006 and 2007-2008 and have exported cables to Afghanistan, Middle East and Africa. We also enjoy the distinction of winning the Consumer Choice Award twice. Our manufacturing unit is based in Kotri, Sindh and we are using state of the art equipments and highly skilled and experienced man power for producing high quality cables and conductors. We also have ISO 9001-2000 which shows our seriousness towards maintaining not only the product quality but also the process quality. Our technical and production staff is highly trained and has rich experience of working in the cable industries abroad. We follow all the major quality standards such as BSS, ASTM and IEC and are member of the British Standard Institution. We constantly upgrade the quality standards and are well aware of technological changes in the cable field.

At H.M. Esmail & Company (Pvt) Limited, We firmly believe that goals and targets can be achieved only When the Organization places quality in every aspect of its operation its prime Objective.

Since its inception, H.M. Esmail & Company (Pvt) Limited has always ensured to fulfill its commitment to its Customers of Providing Premium Quality Products and Services at a price which is affordable and economical. To achieve this goal, the company not only applies Quality Assurance Measures on its product but also on its entire Operation. Every team member of the Company play a vital role in this process and with their support & hard Work, H.M. Esmail & Company (Pvt) Limited has been successful for the past 6o years.

For the purpose of producing quality products along with timely deliveries, H.M. Esmail & Company (Pvt) Limited did, from time to time, made major investment in acquiring State of the Art Machinery. Currently the Manufacturing facility has all the modern Machines and Testing Equipments which ensure the on time production and delivery of our premium Quality products.

Any success story of an Organization cannot be completed without the contribution of its team members. At H.M. Esmail & Company (Pvt) Limited, We are proud to acknowledge that Our Management and Employees are the best of the available Lot in Market and it is their use of Modern Management Techniques and Knowledge that H.M. Esmail & Company (Pvt) Limited enjoy as distinct Status in Cable Industry. Due to their expertise, the Company has been successful in completing many diversified projects and in some cases; it became the pioneer Company to produce such cables. One of such Examples is the production and successful installation of Ariel Bundle Cable (ABC) which was produced for Afghanistan under the U.S. Aid. It has been efforts of the Management of H.M. Esmail & Company (Pvt) Limited which consist of Individuals who have international experience in terms of Production and Quality Assurance and are in top bracket in their respective field.

Our policy of diversification into new ventures with support of a dedicated team and loyal customers has helped making H.M. Esmail & Company (Pvt) Limited to become the active participant in the Cable Industry and to play a major role in the progress of our Beloved Pakistan. H.M. Esmail & Company (Pvt) Limited is the part of a well diversified Group known as the "ARY GROUP" whose integrity and loyalty to Pakistan is unmatched and unprecedented. The Group philosophy is serving the people of Pakistan with upmost dedication and to provide high Quality Products and Services at price affordable to the Common Man.

All our efforts are directed towards the Future that will witness H.M. Esmail & Company (Pvt) Limited to continue its commitment towards its customers in the domestic as well as the International Market. It will carry on towards playing its role of a better and progressive Pakistan.


  • First Company to Export Cables to Asia, Middle East and America under the American Aid.
  • First Company to produce Air Bundle Cables (ABC) in Pakistan
  • First Company to win the FPCCI Export Trophy for the year 2005-2006 & 2007-2008
  • First Company to win the Consumer Choice Award
  • The Company pays serious attention towards quality of its products. For this, the Company has acquired State of the Art testing equipment along with the high trained Staff to handle routine as well as special testing needs.
  • The Company also has the ISO 9001-2008 Certification which is necessary to maintain the quality of the process of producing high quality Cables a& Conductors.